Dear Residents,

Judging by the recently reported record numbers of infections in Miami Dade, including on the Key and even in the Towers, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is now greater than ever. More and more studies are showing that most people contract the virus from droplets and aerosols exhaled by infected individuals, whether or not those individuals are showing symptoms. Masks stop most of the droplets exhaled by infected individuals from getting into the air, and are widely viewed, along with frequent hand washing as being important components to stopping the spread of this disease.

We want to protect all of our residents. We appreciate how residents have been cooperating as we phase the reopening of our amenities, and we need to continue to work together in order to maintain the benefits of this “new normal”. As you know, we have asked all of our staff and contractors to wear masks throughout the common areas, and believe that if all residents and guests do the same, we can decrease the risk for all of us. We will be posting signs to encourage everyone to remember. This small effort can make a big difference.

Thank you for being a part of the Coronavirus solution. Working together, hopefully we can prevent transmission of the virus within the Towers.

Joe Maura

General Manager

Towers of Key Biscayne